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    Al Ramz Capital e-trade system provides our customers trading via e-trade in a secure environment. Security is our top priority. We have equipped our online services with Securities  & Commodities Authority (SCA) approved/licensed state-of-the-art technology and practices to ensure that our customers are fully protected against third party fraud. We utilize firewalls, regularly updated virus detection software to protect our customers. Furthermore, our customers' financial information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as per SCA requirements. Each customer is provided a unique username, password and a unique one time password (OTP) upon log-in. To ensure security breaches are kept at a minimum, we need our customers' active participation in online security. Our customers' have an important role to play in ensuring that they are careful that their passwords are confidential and hard to guess. If they suspect that their passwords may have been comprised or if they detect any unusual activity on their accounts, to immediately contact us on +971-2-6262626.